Heritage & Passion

The château in a few figures 

  • 22 m high
  • 60 m long
  • About hundred rooms
  • 13 hectares of parc and wood

An ambitious renovation (2016-2018)

Acquired at the beginning of 2016, the château was in great danger: massive water intrussion, serious structural problems, abandoned park ... etc. In the spring of 2016, the ambitious restoration work began: replacement of 70% of the tuffeau stone facades, complete restoration of the roofs, restitution of the original lustrious decorations, landscaping of gardens, water features and walkways, renovation of rock walls, installation of a massive new iron gateway ...

The interior of the château also requires a lot of restoration work. A documentary research work has made it possible to restore the decorations of the largely disappeared reception rooms and also to install modern comforts: new heating and electricity system, new kitchen and bathrooms.

The work done in just 2 years without any public subsidy, required the intervention of more than twenty companies and a hundred local artisans, all trades combined.

Trophee Segré-en-Anjou-Bleu (2018)

In January 2018, on the occasion of the first greeting ceremony of the new commune of Segré-en-Anjou-Bleu, of which the Bourg d'Iré is now part, several actors of the territory were rewarded for their investment. In the category "Patrimoine" or "Heritage," David and William O'Neil, had the honor of being awarded an award for the work done at the Château de Falloux. 

This video was made on this occasion: